Recently on Scruff a fellow texted me out of the blue announcing he knew of me via a mutual friend. Our mutual friend has my photo on his ‘Friends” Facebook; The fellow saw my profile on Scruff and ‘put two and two together’ and so he decided to introduce himself.  We had a pleasant chat; perhaps we can meet him in someday, for he lives in town.


This pleasant intercourse made me think how intertwined we are becoming, thanks to social connections.  When I first started blogging I tried to keep tabs on who knew whom. I figured it couldn’t be that difficult. I quickly had to give up as the blogging social network got complex. Next, Facebook came along; then Scruff appeared. It seems everyone in the gay community now knows everyone else.


Being a geneologist, I am intrigued with who knows whom and also ‘how’ viz. what kind of relationship do people have with each other. While I am always curious, discretion forbids me to bluntly ask how ‘well’ do you know each other.


I rather like the notion of ‘everyone knowing everyone else’. This makes us one family, a brotherhood, a circle of comrades with no one alone or left out.


On the negative, everyone seems to know everyone else’s business.  Gay men are gossipy (shocking, I know!), and broadcasting one’s life on social networks doesn’t nurture privacy, does it.


I am not sure what all this networking is getting us. We are all going to become bonded brothers or give each other the clap or create factions to make The War of Spanish Succession look like a picnic.

All the same, I am enjoying the wild and wacky world of networking.