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My friend Eileen reads my Tarot cards** on Sundays. She informed me the cards were horrid so be wary, for the week will be nasty. It hasn’t been horrible, but I had my share of pesky problems, which are best explained by a plague of demons. Nowadays people poo-poo the notion of devils, but they are simply not paying attention. The noxious brown cloud of pollution that hovers over Phoenix has a sniff of sulfur, which comes from the heart of hell.  Hell’s minions are everywhere, causing people to be rude, difficult, and believe Mitt Romney would be just nifty as president.

Here at the Spo-house, a legion of imps is nit-picking at my daily doings. I am working on a shirt and every step seems thwarted by lost items, wrong settings on the machine (that were a moment ago not so), and several slips of the rollerblade. Never have I had such hardships in sewing a shirt.  Various muscles of mine are taking turns having odd pinching aches, which prevent me from proper exercise.  At work the EMR has had more than the usual amount of techno-headaches.  Household items are misplaced or have disappeared.

Ironically, I am certain I have written on the topic before, but I can’t find the entry in my poking around Spo-Reflections. Demons have either erased the evidence or planted doubt in my head.   I have edited this entry several times and yet I keep cuming up with typos. I think I got them all; no doubt one of the damned will mar up something.

I think I will say a prayer to St. Michael to send his minions to protect us from harm and help me locate my good scissors.

**Most of the time the cards reveal I am going to encounter “a strange person”, which is a pretty safe bet, considering my line of work.

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