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I have two email addresses: one is for ‘blogging’, the other for family and professional use.  The later is with Medscape.  Medscape recently sent a ‘reminder’ it is going out of the e-mail business and I had better act accordingly – now.  I must have missed the original eviction notice as this was news to me.  I need pack my bags toots suite and vacate the premises.  What a nuisance.

I have had the same address for many years, if not for decades.  I need to inform everyone of my change of address. I dislike mass e-mails but I may have to make an exception, for there are a lot of people tell.  I take comfort in the hopes certain spam won’t follow me to the new address.


My chief concern is moving files to somewhere else. Interesting! The first folder to worry me wasn’t “Saved letters” but “Poetry”.  This file contains the poems I have sent to others or posted on my blog.  There are nearly hundred poems.  Over the weekend I started to forward them to my new e-mail address to download them into a new file therein.


It got me thinking – what happens when this email service goes belly up?* The notion of files going from ISP to ISP like a techno-hermit crab isn’t appealing.  I better make a ‘back up’ copy or two.


I’ve decided create a blog page, titled “Poems”.  This allows Spo-fans the choice to read them or not.  I will post ~ daily until they are all posted.  I can post new ones, whenever I find one worthy of the Spo-approval for proper poetry.


*It is Yahoo! which isn’t likely to go kaputt, but one can never can tell. 

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