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We are in the time of Virgo (8/21 to 9/20 or so). Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. I forget “why” but Virgo men are more prone than their peers in desiring perfectionism.  So it is the season for improvements. This is as good an explanation as any for my sudden surge to tidy up the house. I can think of a lot of things around the house in disarray that want attention.  I start making a list of things to do and become overwhelmed by the Augean-stable nature of the tasks so I make a cup of tea and decide I better go and do some reading.

Contemplating the state of the house leads to an agitated gloom worthy of Henrik.  It feels like every drawer needs sorting out. In the laundry room we have a bowl of keys. Nobody knows what locks these keys are supposed to open, but we don’t dare throw them out in case they are vital at opening something.  My system for papers is to file them into folders and stuff them into drawers.  Rearranging things gives me the illusion I am actually tidying up.  What I really want to tackle are the ‘big projects’,but they take too much time and money.  A patient of mine recently went into hysterics over his move into a much smaller apartment: this is forcing him to give up most of his accumulated possessions. I thought him a most fortunate fellow.

Speaking of Henrik, I received an e-mail from a Spo-fan (no doubt a Virgo) who tells me I can get rid of a ghost by politely asking it to leave, but I don’t really want him to go. I find his presence rather flattering in the same way one is charmed when a cardinal visits the bird feeder.

I don’t want an exorcist but a handy-man to paint the bedroom, repot the palm tree, and repair the hole in the laundry room roof, now two years old.

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