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That got your attention, didn’t it?  I confess there are none to tell*.  What is unspeakable is my current weight. I was disappointed but not surprised to discover this morning I have not lost any weight. I could delude myself this is due to muscle gain, but let’s not be foolish: I am eating too much.  Either that or my metabolism has slowed enough I can now exist on a refugee diet.  I suppose if I ate little or nothing for the rest of the year I might loose a pound or two. I take comfort a patient came into my office yesterday and exclaimed I looked both trimmer and more muscular. She wanted valium so her motives were suspect.

In the end, overwhelmed with guilt, grief about the chores I am not going to do today, the expensive whiskies keep purchasing (no rubbish), and the general ghastliness of the USA, I turn to blogger/text buddies for comfort.  It’s a nasty country but it can’t be too bad with Jim A and Sean B. in it.  Kindness and Benny Hill-like bawdy banter have a calming effect on my Psyche. I am going to stop reading CNN and Facebook politics, read some sci-fi, and if anyone wants a snort of Collingwood they are free to drop by.

*Well, not here anyway. Spo-fans desperate for dirt may e-mail me privately and I promise to tell all.  Alas, it will mostly embellishments. 

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