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Spo-fans may have noticed I haven’t posted in a few days. A combination of work load and ‘nothing to say or report” has left me with nothing to say. In contrast, Someone is writing splendid blog entries on a regular basis. It seems The Muses are focusing on him – the fickle dames! – and leaving me bereft. They are always keen on ‘the new guy in town” This leaves me with The Norns, who are droopy as always.  September is their ‘high season’ of course, matching my tendency to go down in the doldrums at this time of year.  All they inspire are compositions about my various body aches, hardly stunning blog material.

It’s been raining this week; inclement weather paradoxically cheers me up. Last night there was a marvelous thunder and lightning show. I felt back in the Midwest, which was a comfort.

I am avoiding on-line news sites for they are getting too painful to read.  I feel bad for both Romney and Obama, for whoever wins the election will be despised by 50% of the nation. This bitter half will be hell bent on making sure the current president fails, even if it brings down the nation.

On a lighter note:

The Personal Trainer wants me to get ‘straps’ for weight training. These are wrap around the wrist devices to assist in picking up heavy objects without losing your grip.  “Buying some straps’ sounds like a trip to Mr. Leather rather than to Sports Authority.

Last weekend we had chums over for dinner and did a ‘double blind’ taste test on some whiskies. It turns out my friend and I both preferred the ‘cheaper stuff’ to the “Reserve”, which makes us cheap dates indeed.

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