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This evening after I finished dictating some progress notes and charts I watched on Youtube the scene in “Soylent Green” in which orange dump trucks appear at a riot and start scooping people up and back like dirt piles.  This scene fascinates me. I suppose it is about people reduced to the level of trash, to be tided up like leaves.  I’ve often wondered what happens to the people after they are scooped up; are they recycled or merely released in New Jersey?

As an aside, tonight I noticed a Youtube ‘link’ to a clip titled “Soylent Green is Obama Care”.  I get rather tired of people associating The President with every evil and fault. I want the President to announce tomorrow’s high and low tides just to see people scream how Obama is ruining the ocean.

Back to the movie. Overall I don’t much care for it. I could never take it seriously, thanks to Mr. Heston. He is forever associated with cheesy “Ape” movies and awful acting poses in “The Ten Commandments”.  “Soylent Green” is where I first heard #6 by Beethoven, which is a mixed blessing: I am grateful to the film for making me aware of this splendid symphony, but now it is associated with dying. Hearing “The Pastoral” always makes me hungry.

I feel sorry for the haggard priest, who has to bear the brunt of all those people in his church. I realize this is an indirect criticism of the RC’s stance on birth control: they don’t allow no contraception and look what’s it got them.

I have a vague memory there were some young girls called ‘living furniture’, which must have been scandalous when it came out, but it sounds rather quaint nowadays.

I should probably ask the good folks at Netflix to send me a full copy of “Soylent Green” and see how accurate my memory is on the movie.  I think it came out around the same time as “Brother Sun and Sister Moon’.  As a boy I got the movies confused, goodness knows how.  Perhaps because even though one is set in the 13th century and the other one in 2022, they both look quite ‘70s’ to me.

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