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Every day I go to (bless them!) to read ‘Word of the day’ in order to enhance my lexicon with clever and atypical words.  This week all the words are colours, the types found on paint chip samples at the BEHR stands at ACE hardware.  At first I was excited, but they have all been insipid tints and tones – grayish monstrosities of a uniform ugliness although no two are alike:





If you have ever seen a Spo-shirt – and how can you miss ? –  you know they are not subtle. I go for bright bold colours; the louder the better. No wimpy shades for me. Like an insane choirmaster I want “more” and “louder”. Perhaps it is because I am a “Winter”, but I think the main reason is these sort of colours reflect my zest for Life . I like my colours bold, bright, and strong – like my men.

Since I am on the topic of colour, here is a brief ‘crash coarse’ in colour –

Hue and Colour are interchangeable words.

Now, if you lighten any of them up with white, these are TINTS.

If you darken them, using black, they are SHADES.

And if you use a variety of white and black viz. gray, these are (nasty) TONES.

When I see Ecru, I see red (Jungle Red, two coats). Ecru is my arch-enemy, for it represents all that is bad, brown and dull.  Like Mommie Dearest I want to run around with a coat hanger screaming “No ecru, EVER!!!”

Someone does not care for Spo-shirts. Rather, he likes Tommy Bahama tones.  I confess they are better for him for he is a ‘Spring”.

When we dress, I go for the brights, he for tints and tones (no shades and no rubbish).

All the same, if it were up to me I would give the world a paint job of gold, scarlet, and navy blue, with hot pink and lemon yellow highlights.

And no ecru thank you very much.

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