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I was attributing a current feeling of restlessness to my “fall melancholia”, but it dawned on me it’s been some time since we went on a road trip. I don’t sit still very well, and this is doubly so when there is too much time in between road trips. “Getting out of town’ and being on the road and going somewhere gives me a thrill. Our usual destinations are: Flagstaff (North), Palm Springs (West), Tucson (South) or Santa Fe (East). Palm Springs is no better than Podunk, for the destination is not as important as the journey.

Someone always does the driving. He isn’t fond of being the passenger and my driving makes him anxious (ADHD and driving don’t mix well). I prefer being the passenger anyway, so this works out well for us both. Being a passenger allows me to get caught up with medical paperwork and return patient phone calls.

Historically I am ‘Map-Master”, the man in charge of the charts. I tell Someone when to take the next exit or how far it is to Podunk.  Alas, my natural talent for direction has been made totally redundant with GPS.  I remain “Tune master”, in charge of the various iphones and ipods – provided there is no ‘Enya and her ilk”.  Thanks to the good folks at “Great Courses”, we often listen to a lectures as we ease on down the road. Road trips are not only necessary for my Wanderlust, but they are educational!  Sometimes Someone is obliged to listen to a medical lecture, provided it is not too dull.

“Road trips” can be a hazardous as they often mean ‘Road food’ viz. fast food meals or snack items purchased at gas stations.  Someone likes Diet Coke, which he consumes in no small quantities. It keeps his engine running but it does make for frequent pit stops.  I am prone to nasty crunchy things like chips or or pretzels, which are continually munched through the miles.  Sometimes Someone packs a picnic box of proper food, but this prudent move is not as much fun as raiding the Shell stations for Doritos.

Once upon a time I  went to a medical conference car-pooling with a woman who showed up for the three hour trip with several grocery bags of food. One bag had all the salty snacks, another all the candies, and another had a bucket of KFC. She also brought along a thermos of coffee and a six pack of soda pop (diet).  During the trip she continually consumed the contents of the bags. At the end of the trip, when we stopped for gas, she looked into the back seat and inquired what happened to all the food.  I told her she ate it all – she did not remember doing so!  I often think of her when I am on a road trip, a reminder for me not to get too carried away with the Pringles.

Anyway, I need to poke Someone to take me somewhere.  Sometime soon.

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