Cubby (the dear) pointed out my blog counter is approaching 1,000,000. It makes my eyes cross to think upon this. What an extraordinary thought.  In 2006 I started blogging as a mere curiosity, and now my scribbles have been viewed a million times?  Wow.

I want to do something to celebrate this amazing turning point.

I should have a fabulous door prize ready for Mr. or Ms. One Million when he/she comes a-knocking.

I fantasize of taking that person out to dinner etc.Alas, if they are across the nation (or the world) this would be impractical.

I know! I can make them a Spo-shirt!  As the poor sod crosses the threshold and the counter turns over I will throw a shirt over their head. I think this is a splendid idea.

But, how do I determine “Mr. or Ms. One Million”? If anyone knows, please tell me now, so I can get a-sewing!

If this is not feasible, I may have to make up something else.  An all expense paid trip to Phoenix, perhaps, to shake their hand etc.

Any thoughts?