I seem to be ‘in mood’ as my brothers would say. The day wasn’t bad, and my exercise went OK, so the sudden turn to the sour is both surprising and worrisome – it came on so readily. Harper was a disobedient dog on our walk this evening, literally yanking my chain (and pushing my buttons).  I had hoped to do a lot of chart dictation this evening but the damnable EMR refused to boot up. While I waited for it to magically fix itself the frustration of it all became to creep up my neck like a hot hand.  I got cross and nerts to it all. Blogging was no comfort – yet another blogger buddy announced he is closing down. You get to know someone and then they depart on you. Stinko.


I am wondering what is this all triggering. After some self-analysis the list of unconscious suspects is long, ranging from the State of the world to body aches.


Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment, which always makes me cross. It’s time I change dentists anyway. Mind! They do a fine job, but my dentist is always trying to sell me dental procedures along the line of Dr. Frankenstein telling Igor he can fix that hump. ‘What hump?” I want to ask.  The dental hygienist is a sweet lady who wants to a) be my personal trainer as it were and b) talks about her home life – neither I care an iota for knowing. It is a sort of cruelty to be lying there in the chair, mouth open, while someone chatters over you.   Mark Twain said it is a terrible death to be talked to death.


Tomorrow night is the first night of the season of the Phoenix Symphony. I am looking forward to this and I hope it cheers me up. I am looking even more forward to the pre-concert cocktail(s) at Hanny’s in downtown Phoenix.  It’s a fun place, full of hip people, and cocktails from the 40s. The bartenders are all experts and cute as buttons too.


So I best let go of the day, do some stretches and go to sleep.


Tomorrow is another day, which includes Beethoven and single malt Oban whiskey – no rubbish indeed !