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My entry has nothing to do with the title, but I recently read a history paper with this title and I went into hysterics. It’s too bad my blog can’t readily change its title the way I change its headers. There are so many fun titles. “Forbidden Yeats” and “Yellow Gumdrops Please” come to mind.

Recently a patient thought me very clever, for I can recite all the Presidents of the United States.  I don’t think this is a barometer of brilliance (although it may reflect my good University of Michigan education!).  It is more likely a demonstration of my panache for lists.

In my house, I am List-master, for I am constantly putting things in list form to combat chaos in dark satanic mills of the mind.   Some people (when bored) pull out their smart phones and play games.  I read my lists.

Here’s a game – “Can you stump Spo?”

Which of these can you do? I list them from easy to hard.

The 3 Fates

The 5 Marx Brothers

The 7 dwarfs

The 8 levels of scientific classification

The 10 Commandments

The 12 cranial nerves

The 13 Canadian provinces* 

The 39 plays of Shakespeare

The 44 Presidents

The 50 states

The 50 capitols

The Kings and Queens of England (William I to Elizabeth II)

If you can do them all, you win a Spo-prize, individually determined to the appropriateness of the Spo-fan !

*Clever Canadians need not remind me there are 10 provinces and 3 territories !

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