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After much study on the subject of whisky (both ‘book learning’ and sampling) I have started my collection.  I feel a proper gentleman, to wit, I am developing a well stocked liquor cabinet of whiskies and bourbons.  Come take a tour of the Spo-cellar !

My favorites are the bourbons. They complex tastes of spice and sweet. Knob Creek packs a punch. Buffalo Trace is the ‘house bourbon’. For special occasions, Woodford is my choice.

Next comes the Canadian Whisky. When I was in Ontario last August, I brought back some Collingwood. It is the smoothest whisky I have had so far. It has a maple flavor; it comes in a container which looks like a cologne bottle. White Owl is a ‘white whisky’ . It almost tastes like a flavored vodka. It is excellent with tonic. Even Someone, who does not like ‘brown’, will have some. The “house Canadian” is Forty Creek, which is lovely lovely lovely.  It is actually ten dollar less expensive at the Total Wine 1 mile from home than it is in Ontario, at the distillery !

Alas, my collection is short on proper Scotch (worse luck).  I only have a few ‘blends’ which are not bad. What I want are some single malt Scotch. I know what I am asking Santa for Christmas !

Finally there is “the cheap stuff”. Old Crow has a lot of  history to it. U.S. Grant and Mark Twain were both fond of it. Perhaps we can thank Old Crow for keeping the nation intact! I splurged at got the “Reserve” Old Crow.  Albertson’s bourbon is a fraction of the price of the others.  These two are good as ‘mixers’ viz. cocktails and cola drinks.

So – mosey on up to the Spo-bar and name your poison.  The bartender appreciates tips – the bigger the better !

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