It’s another month, and time for Urspo’s Wicked Pack of Cards for October. And after all, Hallowe’en time is a good time for fortune cards.  I am using my whimsical Hallowe’en deck this month:

Past – The Lovers, portrayed by a Vampire and his Amor.  We are coming out of a time of erotic and loving energies going towards –

Present – 4 Bats. A time of tranquility.  October looks to be a rather at ease month. Good !

Future – 2 Ghosts, which is about harmony particularly between loving individuals.

Together they say < October is a good month especially for relationships, whether spiritual or carnal.  Even the “Positive” card (The Devil) suggest it is a good time for some lovin’ fun.  Let’s be together! They all seem to say.

However the ‘Negative’ energy card – Strength – is a puzzler. Strength when negative, indicates brutishness or bullying, so this suggests all this interactions should be done with good manners and not domineering others.

Outcome? < Ace of Imps. The start of something like work or passion.  It points to possible new and deeper relationships for those who have some. Or ‘new relationships’ for those single.

However, The Ace of Imps’ fiery wand (in league with the Positive card) suggests even more impish activity. This reading maybe as concrete as


“October is good for ‘getting some”.     Oh dear.

P.S. – Last year at All Hallow’s Eve I volunteered to read Spo-fans Tarot.  I am open to doing so again, if you fancy it.