Not much is happening in The State of Spo*.  This evening, while lying on the bed, avoiding paperwork, Harper gave me a ‘bath’ by licking my forehead.  She never licks Someone. We are puzzled why I am so favored. Perhaps I just taste better. I stick with my theory Harper doesn’t see me as ‘the other owner’ but as ‘the other dog’. She is doing this out of maternal obligation as if I were her puppy. Whatever the reason, it is sweet of her to do so – except tonight, as her breath is bad.

It is finally cooling down – we may actually see temperatures drop into the upper 50s this weekend. How nice that will be, to have open windows.

I decided we must go to Flagstaff next weekend. I am rather tired of myself and I think getting away even for a day would cheer me up. I hope to see some fall colour. The inn keepers at our favorite B&B asked me to bring up some bourbon; it may be below freezing and a nip of something good (no rubbish) will keep us warm.

Tomorrow night we hear The Arizona Opera’s production of “Lucia di lammermoor”. For those who don’t know this splendid opera, it is about a woman who is tossed around by the men for political gains to the point she cracks up. On her (forced) wedding night she stabs her no good groom. In the ‘Mad Scene’ the soprano gets to sing some brilliant notes while looking bezerk and rolling around in a blood-stained bridal gown –

Jolly good fun indeed !

It was written by Donizetti. We see “Lucia” on Friday night, then on Saturday morning we see “L’elisir d’amore” which is another Donizetti opera.  D& D weekend I call it. “L’elisir” is a comedy in which nobody dies or is killed so it isn’t as funny.

I hope the Muses return this weekend with the snowbirds. I could use some fresh ideas here.

*Which is located in Erehwon, between the States of Anxiety, and Confusion