Say, why should Sean have all the fun?  Here is “Mug Shot Saturday”, presented  by the Claudius and Tiberius Cats Memorial Salt and Pepper Shakers, which sit on the kitchen shelf.

When I lived in Michigan I was supporter of PBS-TV, Channel 56. As a perk for my donation, they gave me this dear 56 mug. I think it must be 30 years old by now.  I wonder if they are still operating.

This “Raven” mug I purchased  on a trip to Alaska in 1980. I really wanted to buy something more substantial,  like a totem pole, but this was all I could afford at the time. Now I have quite a lot of nifty things from the Northwest, but this little mug remains dear to my heart.

Here is my Distinctly Tea mug. Distinctly Tea in Canada (bless them!)  is where I get most of my stash.

WSU is my medical school alma mater. People who don’t live in the Midwest always ask me if it is in Indiana.

For reasons unclear to me, I always have a Campbell’s soup mug.  Some of my warmest memories are my trips to Wisconsin with The Best Friend and go to antique malls . I’ve had several soup mugs over time; they are often broken. This gives me the excuse to go to The Land of Cheese and visit TBF and go find another one. There is no lack of them.

Finally, here is “The office mug” . The caption says  –

“Can we up the dosage? I still have feelings.”