As Mark “Hanuman” likes to say – “Can you imagine?”

Sometime today (given the average of 400-500 visits/day) Spo-Reflections will see the visitor who will turn over the counter past the one million mark.    I am bowled over by this. My blog was started in 2006 as a spontaneous ‘Let’s give this a try’ fancy. Six years later I have one million visits?  How is this possible?

I am truly honored by my visitors, particularly the ones who keep coming back. I am pleased my essays are appreciated.  I feel the spirits of my mentors – Mr. Dickens,  Alice Thomas Ellis, and Barbara Holland saying ‘Well done! ‘.  I feel I am some  sort of writer after all.   What a delight.

I wish I could figure out who is the millionth person to give them a big hear hug or a Spo-shirt as a token of my appreciation.  Indeed I would like to give every Spo-fan something suitable. Would this were possible.

More important to me than the writing is the people I have met along the way.

As always,  I don’t know where this will go.

I hope you will continue to come  on my marvelous Journey.

Thank you !