What goes around comes around: what was ‘out’ is ‘in’ again.

I recently read an article written by a younger man for his ilk on the topic of f ‘Old man cologne’.  His point:  the inexpensive colognes our fathers and grandfathers used are still available, inexpensive and – who knew?! – not bad.  I had a good laugh. I remember as a boy associating “Old Spice” with

a) my father

b) being old


c) being totally uncool.

No way would I wear such a thing. It would be like wearing braces, oxford loafers, or (shudder!) boxer shorts.  Since all of these clothing items are now integral parts of my wardrobe, call me “Old Man” and let’s get me some Old Man cologne to match.

The article recommended I check out names I recall from my childhood but never encountered, other than on the dresser tops of my agnates:

Aqua Velva


English Leather

Old Spice

Pinaud Clubman   (which smells like an old time barber shop)

One cologne he recommended is Hai Karate. Alasyou can’t get it anymore. Someone recognized it right away.  Last night I spent some fun moments watching old TV commercials for these colognes. Mr. Namath looks quite young (and quite ‘70s’) in the Brut ads.

If Hai Karate is anything like its advertisements, no wonder it went out of style:

Next time I am in CVS I hope to find a bottle of English Leather. This one sounds more like my style.  It starts out with a citrus like scent and fades to wood and leather. ( am fond of wood and of leather)  As the day goes on it is reportedly “baby powder” like. On the other hand, the ad makes me dubious :

“All my men wear English Leather  ????

This makes her sound a bit of a slut.

I don’t want that association, do I ?    🙂