I’ve had a fun-filled weekend of ‘goofing off’, which is a lovely thing indeed.  I’ve been poking Someone to take me to Flagstaff for I want to see some fall colour. We were to drive up Saturday morning but then we realized the AIDS walk is bright and early Sunday morning, so we went up Friday night rather. At the fabulous Starlight Pines Bed and Breakfast, I had a pleasant fireside chat (with a fire of real wood crackling, warm, and remarkable) with Richard, Inn Host.  We had Maker’s Mark #46 bourbon, which was new experience for both of us. The temperature outside was down into the 30s. In such pleasant circumstances, I slept quite well thank you.

Today we drove around and saw the bright yellow aspens and birch, in the bright Libra Sun.

I meant to do some shopping while in Flagstaff, but what we didn’t know was Northern Arizona University had its homecoming today. The shops were closed, but the streets were full. All the college students were out and about, many quite stinko.

A rather sweet talking sales lady (whose hair was the colour of Froot-loops) said I must must MUST have some goggles. At first I said I would not have those on my head, but she said ‘But wait until you put them on!” and ‘If you ask me those goggles are ‘You’, and besides you won’t meet yourself coming or going” (or words to those effect).

I certainly did NOT meet myself coming and going, but with every one running around looking like Hallowe’en -come -early, no one batted an eye. I got a few high-fives. A young man with a T-shirt saying ‘Tight a-hole‘ said something slurred I took to be complimentary.

In the NAU parade there was a float for the GLBT students. One of them came right through the crowd to me only, to give me a ticket invite for the November 1 drag show.  Now how did she deduce I might be interested?

I was to work this evening dictating charts, something I normally do Friday evening and/or Saturday morning, but lo!  The system is down for six hours, thinking no one would be working on a Saturday night for pete’s sake.  So I get to further my do-nothing weekend by catching up on blogs.

Tomorrow is the AIDS walk; I plan to wear these fabulous goggles to keep out the glare of the hot Arizona morning sun.  I fancy I will also wear my Viking helmet. I certainly can’t wear the Statue of Liberty crown as I did last year. People would talk.


**At the time of this post, it looks like Larry AKA Cubby pledged the highest amount for the AIDS Walk. Thank you to all! Congratulations Larry!   You win a Spo-Shirt or 6 months of Rice-o-Roni your pick.