The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections sent a note today telling me there is far too many silly entries and it was time get serious. Brother #3 sent me a link to Monty Python’s ‘Spot the Looney”.  Indeed, I prefer zany humor to subtly. If I was in Greece I would do the Satyr plays over the Satires. Nevertheless, zany humor is a lot like curry powder; a little is good but too much overpowers the dish.

So it is back to the mundane and the prosaic.

Between Election matters and my lack of weight loss it’s a depressing time. I just want to crawl in a ball until all this election crap is over.  I feel despair even more than when Bush was elected how nasty and vile the country will be if Mitts is elected. My one consolation: if elected he will be just what this country deserves.

My failure to keep up exercise and stay away from ‘cheating foods’ makes me ashamed; I sense I’ve had no progress this year viz. I weigh the same amount as on January 1.  It’s my own fault of course; I want ‘real food’ and I enjoy my weekend cocktail and wine with dinner – it all adds up. So I have only myself to blame.

But enough sour bits. Hallowe’en is coming up, and I need to get cracking on preparations for the annual Hallowe’en feast. It gives me great pleasure to conjure it up; I change my mind over and over. Here is the tentative menu:

Pumpkin Martinis

Black bean/yellow and orange pepper salsa with orange/black chips. 

Fritz’ Cheese soup with bat shaped crackers, with black vodka chaser

Ghoulish stew with ghostie mashed potatoes, with Vampire Wine. 


Some sort of dessert, like pumpkin/chocolate layered cake. 

So much for the diet, but what the hell, Hallowe’en comes once a year.