Bollix !

Yesterday was a day of note, not just your typical Saturday (or at least mine). The planets and stars must have been misaligned for I was the victim of a series of misfortunate events.  Within an hour the intrepid Mac laptop went bezerk and the cellphone became ‘frozen”.  Somewhere Mr. Gates was laughing.  The day’s activities were postponed for an appointment at the Apple Store.

The good news: the phone is back up and running (sorry to have missed our weekly Saturday morning chat, Ron!) The bad news: the laptop needs desperate (and expensive!) repair.  It will be in a shop for a week.  This means I will have very limited access to the internet: Thus my ‘absence’ from comments and visits this weekend.

Someone and I will have to share the ‘main computer” for a while. Given my need to work and his appetite for “Find a Grave” I may not be around blog-land much for awhile.

Stinko !

On the positive note –

Fellow blogger buddy Erik and his beau, Robert AKA The Husbear have come to town. Clever gents: they used their daughter’s wedding as an opportunity to see the Southwest and meet bloggers.  We were so excited and honored we could be part of their roster. They were in Lost Vegas and are now on their way to Tucson to meet blogger buddy Homer.

It remains odd meeting someone you ‘have known for a long time’ but have yet to meet.  It is sort of like a character walking out of the screen in the movie “Purple Rose of Cairo”.  I feared we might disappoint each other, but nothing of the sort occurred. We had a gay old time. Someone made an excellent dinner, consisting of homemade cinnamon and clove ice cream. I made white whiskey and tonic cocktails (made with real tonic; no rubbish).   They were amazed to sit out doors – in November!

As a houseguest, Eric and Robert (the dears!) brought Someone these rubber ducks, for Eric knows Someone collects them too. Apparently Sean has a set as well. We can think of Eric, Robert AND Sean whenever we see them, or put them in the pool or the tub.