Hurrah !
We have a new laptop !

Someone and I were warmly received at the Apple Store, where a fine young saleslady did a good job selling us this ‘air’ contraption.

I give her credit: she did not push “Summer Rain” but listened to our needs (which were humble) and got us a new laptop hey presto!  Better yet, the thralls of Mr. Forbes got all the data out of the old laptop (may it rest in peace) and into the new without fuss.

This new laptop is wafer thin: it feels like two pieces of metal on a hinge. It came in a box no bigger than binder.  What an advancement from my first computer, which arrived in huge parcels, covered in cow spots.

So, I shall soon be “back in the saddle”.
Better yet, I have a week’s worth of blogs to catch up.  I’ve missed hearing about everybody.  Was there are crisis? Great events? No doubt all my blog reads have done amazing and wonderful things in my hiatus.  They do that: as soon as I leave the party revs up.

See you soon! Tune in tomorrow!