I’ve been wracking my brains to find something noteworthy on which to write; something profound or brilliant. I’ve come up with nothing; it is like going to a cupboard knowing is empty but you keep going back as if something will appear by magic and wishful thinking. I blame work: my brain is drained all day long by work, which leaves me no neurons from which to squeeze out any inspiration at day’s end.

Speaking of work, a patient informed me her sister lives in a state with a new petition going around to quit the union. I forget which state it was; somewhere in the South. I pointed out they did this once before and it didn’t work out. I am keen to know which state this is, and if it is for real. I certainly can list a few states I would be blithe to see go their merry way.  Some are too small to be a nation and too large to be an insane asylum.

But I am not thinking of this, I am thinking of Palm Springs. We go this weekend to visit friends having a week’s holiday there.  Happily we show up when the weather warms up again. Recently it’s been cold; down into the 40s. Brrr. We had to close the windows and get out the flannel shirts.   I am looking forward to Palm Springs in many ways, but mostly to meet a Spo-fan or two; one is coming from San Diego and another lives in nearby Cathedral City.  I hope I don’t disappoint them.

Someone plans on driving The Precious, AKA the black Honda convertible. I always wear safety goggles whenever I am in The Precious. Here are my latest pair:

After all, it is Palm Springs.

Meanwhile “There’s work to be done!”  I need to get through this week. I need to read blogs.  I read several Tarot spreads for Spo-fans I need to email before they go stale (the readings, not the fans).  So I will bid you adieu and get reading……..