It’s Thursday evening and I am having a ‘snort’ as Father likes to call an adult beverage.  Goodness knows where he got this awful expression. I suspect he likes to use the expression as it makes Mother cringe. Tonight’s snort is a jigger of Forty Creek Reserve, a lovely whiskey from Canada. It is delicious – and well deserved! Work’s been even more time consuming than ever, if this is possible.  I’ve work long hours, I’ve done my exercise, and I’ve packed my bags for Palm Springs. Time to sit back and have a snort, compose a quite overdue blog entry.

As is my wont, I am excited to get out of Dodge and go to Palm Springs. Someone and I will be visiting chums: fellow blogger buddy DougT of Gossamer Tapestry, and his intrepid partner Leon AKA The Wild One, who are having a week’s holiday. It will be most pleasant to see them. Shawn, my #1 Spo-fan, is coming to town to meet us. I am thrilled; I hope I don’t disappoint the fellow !

Although it is “only for the weekend” I have a lot of luggage. I don’t think this is fashion statment but training. The Boy Scout in me* likes to “be prepared”.  The temperature at night will be in to the 50s. I have a jacket and warmer clothes as well as the usual array of Spo-shirts.  The hotel where we will stay isn’t clothing optional, so I had to locate and pack a bathing suit.  I also packed the usual assortment of journals, book, and GAMES magazine, which usually end up not being read.

Besides meeting with chums, gabbing and eating, I hope to do a little early Christmas shopping, or find a birthday present for Someone (a month away).  Nothing says “Merry Christmas’ like a queer souvenir from Palm Springs!

Well, my “snort” is done and I want to read blogs.  I bid you good night, with sweet dreams of waterfalls and ice cream.

*Has anyone else had a Boy Scout in them?  What an entry that would be !