Greetings from Palm Springs.

Spo-fans know I like Palm Springs. There is nothing specific about the place, it is merely nice to be here. Perhaps it is simply because we are ‘on holiday’. There is also an element of being surrounded by ‘so many men’. The place drips with sensuality (and sexuality).  Scruff men are everywhere, and it is nice to be so ‘wanted’ hohoho.

The main point of this PS weekend was to see our chums.  We had a delightful time with DougT and Leon AKA The Wild One. We four solidified the February plans for Puerto Vallarta next.  An Inndulge guest, “Larry of Ohio”, showed us his many photos of the city. On his recommendation we decided to stay at “Villa David”.  It looks lovely,

But the highlight of the trip was meeting Shawn. Shawn (the dear!) is a #1 Spo-fan, one of my most regular and intrepid readers. I am deeply touched by this, and even more honored he came out to meet us. I always worry I will disappoint when people actually meet me. Shawn certainly was no disappointment! He is as sweet a guy as I imagined him. We had a delightful time. I hope we grow in friendship.

Anne Marie – this photo is for you!

Now it is back to the salt mines after we have Sunday Brunch at Azul. The drive home is always a bit melancholy. On the four hour drive I wonder what will happen to me now, and where am I going in the long run. Will I someday join the retirement community of Palm Springs? Will I drop dead rather? Does my Journey have any real path to it?

Mostly I wonder how soon can I return to Palm Springs.  🙂