The clinic where I work decided it will be closed on the day after Thanksgiving.  This Friday provides me with something I have not had in ages: a day without plans.  No, I am not going shopping.  Sooner I’d eat rats at Tewkesbury than be part of  that nightmare.

What does one do on a day without any plans?  The Midwestern in me will want to get up early and do work of some sort, tackling as many rainy day projects as I can. The garage beckons for me to come tidy it up.  Someone, who is usually ‘home alone’, may find me a nuisance and suggest I go run errands.

Perhaps I will do ‘fun’ things, like tailoring. I need to get Mr. Raven’s “Raven” shirt sewn together; the pieces side in a drawer waiting.  I promised Kelly (the dear!) a sleeveless white shirt with rainbow yoke.  Now that our holiday to Mexico is established, I need to get cracking on creating some new outfits, lest I show up with last year’s and there is talk. “Oh, I love that one, I never get tired of seeing it!” (bitches).  I hope I don’t need to go to Jo-Anns for any buttons, as that means ‘going to the mall’ on Black Friday.  Oh the horror.

Perhaps I will just be a bum and make a large pot of tea (Assam; dark and strong – no rubbish) and read one of the many books on the ‘to read’ shelf. My inner-Midwesterner will be appalled. It will be in league with my ADHD wiring to stop sitting there and get up and go do something for Pete’s sake.  It’s  a challenge but it’s worth the attempt.

I am curious to know what Spo-fans are doing this Friday. Perhaps someone can inspire me towards greatness, or sloth.

Spo-fans who suggest I go shopping will be committed to hospital.