It is 630 in the morning, and I am awake  – not to go shopping  but out of habit. Normally I wake at 530AM; I slept in.

While I sit having a quiet cup of tea, somewhere out there people in stores are pushing carts (and each other) around and generally acting badly.  The pandemonium will be posted on Youtube later this evening  We ‘stay at home’ types will shudder in delight at the spectacle.  “How dumb” is the emotional reaction.   There is a lovely video from NZ called “Dumb Ways to Die’.  it is quite entertaining and I recommend it.

I plan to spend this day doing mawkish things of which I am fond: drinking tea, sewing shirts, and cuddling Harper. This evening we hear “Carmen Burmima’ , which is rather loud and at times downright smutty.

We may have a cocktail prior to the performance. Some would argue that is another ‘dumb way to die’ too viz. consuming alcohol.  Taken to the extreme, we all die due to dumb things : we smoke; we do drugs; we don’t exercise, we eat nasty things, we ride motorcycles and/or forgo our seat belts. We don’t take our medicine.  etc.

At least these  means won’t be posted on “People of Walmart”.

Spo-Addendum –

The six ‘dumb ways to die” I have done  (none lately, I might add):


Setting my hair on fire

Inserting a fork into a running toaster

Hiding in the clothes dryer

Pressing red buttons to see what happens (a department store escalator system)

Poking a wasp nest ‘to see what would happen’


Running across the railroad tracks to get to the other side.