Cubby (the dear!) inspired another “Spo tour”. This time, rather than sending out a shirt, I will send out myself in a shirt. I will take as many pictures as possible of me, in the shirt, next to a blogger buddy. This is my excuse for finally going East to meet as many fellow wizards and Spo-fans as possible.

We will go east (Someone too!) and stay at Ron’s hotel in Delaware, the weekend of March 23. I hope I can coax/con/bribe as many people as I can to come to Delaware and meet us.

We will make is a party! Ron will arrange for a dinner at his hotel, for whatever bloggers attend.  He tells me rooms will be at a discount; there is even a suite for six people to ‘shack up’. This sounds like a gay dormitory. Jolly good fun.

Ron and I will try to hire Mark to photograph it all, whether we are 6 or 60.

So, if anyone would like to be part of this blogger buddy party (or “Meet the Spo”). Please!

I am thrilled to do this; I hope to meet as many as possible.

Cubby keeps coming up with so many good ideas, I wonder what’s next?