It’s Thursday night, or so the calendar tells me. It doesn’t feel like a Thursday.  I did not work yesterday. I was dismissed from jury duty, so I spent the day helping Someone set up the Christmas decorations. Then I went shopping. It felt like a weekend day, which makes today “Monday” but I was in Mesa which is makes it either Tuesday or Thursday.

I’ve been thinking a lot about calendars these days, thanks to the Mayan nonsense. I wouldn’t be bothered but my patients keep bringing it up. The patients who do so are generally the ones who we at sixes and sevens about The Rapture, which was supposed to have happened last May.  I point out my 2012 calendar ends on 12/31; there is no more after that. This is not a sign the world is going to end, but I need a new 2013 calendar. I don’t think this reasonable assurance has calmed anyone. Interestingly one patient insisted I was wrong and she was right, but she still wanted me to give her a three month supply of her medication, as this saves her money.


the-gathering-frontMy usual calendar (Artwork of the Pacific Northwest) is not being made anymore; after ten years of having the same calander I am obliged to get a new one. What I want in a calendar wouldn’t be appropriate for the office, so I will probably get something scenic like “Desert landscapes”. I could ask Santa Claus for 2013, but I doubt he would bring one. I’ve been a horrid boy this year, not keeping most if any of my new year’s resolutions. I am beyond the lump of coal; St. Nick is likely to bring me a Romney 2012 T-shirt.  51qBR1GV-HL._SL500_AA300_




So I will have to go to Barnes and Noble for the after Christmas sales to find a 2013 calendar, provided of  course the Mayans weren’t right after all.