My office room is a box connected to the main office on the north side. The three other walls confront the outside. There is a window in the south side of the room, it’s fellow on the west. Because of the southern exposure, I watch the sun rise and set through the south window.  The sunlight sweeps across the room from left to right.  It is a pleasant way  to mark the passing of time. In December the low winter noon sun shines across the floor and into the hallway.  In June, there is no sunbeam at all.

About 8AM in the morning the solstice sunrise shoots westward throught my window and onto my face.  It provides a cheerful ‘light therapy’, a treatment for seasonal affective disorder.

Living where I do, there is no lack of sunshine. By September we are sick of blazing sunlight.  November-January is a nice break. When there is sun, it isn’t too long and not too intense. Today’s highs will only be in the 60s. I read there is a winter storm hitting the Midwest. This is hard to imagine, sitting where I am, with morning sunshine streaming on my face.

By day’s end the sun is on the west side; it shines through the other window onto Ralph, the polar bear, whose portrait hangs over my work desk. He reminds me of my cat, the late Claudius, who was white like Ralph.

Sunshine on one’s  face erases thought and provide a sense of quiet, like a sleeping pet in a sunbeam.   The serenity of sunshine has no equal.