Every week my friend Eileen reads my Tarot. This week’s spread was littered with reversed and nasty cards. The summary card is the Two of Swords (reversed). You will have to trust me this doesn’t herald well.

Her advice? – “Fasten your seatbelt”.

I woke this morning to find next to me in the bed a large pig’s ear. Harper has been doing a lot of this lately. It felt like a scene from The Godfather. It was rawther unsettling.

Today the office receptionist received a lump of coal from her Secret Santa.  This created instant talk on whether or not this was funny. If I received such an item, my inner-Midwesterner would immediately interpret it as a cutting remark. I haven’t received yet my Secret Santa; I hope it is not a pink slip.

Dinner was interrupted this evening by a high pitched screech and the smell of burned rubber. I first took as a sign Henrik is back. But it was only the washing machine, choking to death when Someone tried to wash Harper’s bed cushion.   We’ll try to summon a repair man tomorrow, who will no doubt tell us it is cheaper to just go ahead and get a new one.

Then there is the mania about the Mayans.  Apparently there is mass hysteria in various pockets around the world. I have yet to purchase any Oreo cookies, but perhaps I should stock up. Not so much from the sense the world ends in three days, but if I trip over any more dog treats and become bedridden I want something to eat other than pig ears.