Happy Solistice.

Happy Mayan Day.

Yesterday afternoon Frogdancer (the dear!) sent me a note it was 12/21/12 in NZ, and there were no signs of Mayans, renegade planets, fiery visions, or even signs of rain. I tried to tell as many people as I could in town. Most were not surprised. A few shook their heads this assured nothing: Mayans are on Central Time so the end was still near.  Like Mr. Rove on election night, they would not call the end.

Today starts not the end of the world, but the “Christmas weekend”.  It looks jam packed and fun-filled. Tonight Someone and I are meeting a couple of Mayans at the local watering hole for mescal and human sacrifice. If we survive, tomorrow is opera in the morning (Les  Troyans) and drag show fund raiser in the evening (now there is a combination for you).   On Sunday night we have supper with another couple (not Mayans).  Jolly good fun.

But first I need to get through the work day. I will try to write a bit more anon, if there is a ‘no show’ or there is a major fluctuation in the spin of the globe.

Happy Yule !