Santa brought me a lump of coal with the message “Your last post”………

Here at Spo-house we will have a Christmas breakfast of sausage, freshly squeezed OJ, and quiche – with a homemade bloody Mary. hohoho.

Then we will open our ‘prizes’. I always fret if Someone will like his or not.

I just better get them cha cha heels…..

We have tickets to see “The Hobbit” for “Les Miz” was sold out.  Like “Ariadne auf Naxos” we started working on a movie which combines both films into one. Can you imagine?  In this version Bilbo sweeps and Cosette meet Gollum and obtains the precious. The Dwarves defend the barricade while Smaug (played by Russell Crowe) drowns himself in Lake Town.

Sometime today I need to dry all those drippy strips of brisket. I just hope I don’t turn the house into something that smells like an abattoir.

I hope every one has a Happy or Merry Christmas !!

Hugs and OXOX