After work today we saw “Les Miserables”, treating ourselves to a movie theatre where they serve food and drink. At this cinema, there is reserved seating and menus with entrees and liquor. There is something ironic with sitting in a comfy chair, eating imperial tid-bits and sipping wine served by minions while watching a movie about the poor and downtrodden.

We both liked the movie but found fault with some of the singing and disappointment when some of our favorite songs were edited. Although I have seen “Les Miz” several times, I still don’t empathize with the students at the barricade. What on earth were they thinking about. Someone judged Mr. Crowe’s singing  terrible, but I didn’t care for I thought him woofy. When he jumped off the bridge I imagined him falling on me and not into the Seine River.

Tomorrow is my annual trek to Barnes & Noble to buy a blank journal. I like to spend some time picking it out, being careful to get one different than last year’s. 2012’s journal has a plain purple cover, so 2013 should be colourful and whimsical.  While there I should also purchase a travel book on Puerta Vallerta.

Someone likes to have the Christmas things down by New Year’s Eve, so I suspect that is on the weekend’s agenda. I want to get back to shirt making; there are several waiting to be completed.

But first there is sleep. Before I nod off I  am going to start reading “Portnoy’s Complaint”. I want to find out what all the fuss is about. Given what I have heard about the book, I suspect I will find it very dull or hilarious.