What do you call a group of Spos?   A gaggle? Herd?  Pack? Parliament? The Mind bogggles…..


Today after work Someone drops me off at the airport for my flight to Washington. My late Uncle’s memorial service is Saturday. For company I will share a hotel room with Brother #2, who is flying in from Michigan (Land of Perpetual Snow and Ice). Brother #3, Father Spo, the many cousins etc. will attend. I hear the whole city of Spokane will be coming out for Uncle’s service, for he was quite involved in the community.
Although it is a sad occasion, I confess I am very excited to see my relations. I am fortunate: I come from a large family who get along and adore each other. I know my cousins will be very grateful for my presence. After the service we will spend the day talking.*


I am not bringing the laptop on this journey. This is my last entry until Sunday night. I won’t be reading any blogs, so I apologize ahead of time for missing everyone’s weekend updates.


See you Sunday night.



* I dare say Someone is grateful he is NOT going. It’s hard enough for him to be among my talkative ADHD wired immediate relatives; imagine a multitude of several generations of Spos!