m217056262Today I spied a bright new penny under the bench in the LA Fitness locker room. I picked it up and put it in my gym bag ‘for luck’. While doing so I thought about superstitions in general. Despite all of our 21st century smugness about being better than our ancestors, our superstitions still have us by the short hairs. Don’t think you are any different. Never far below the surface is the Archaic.  Superstitions are quite indelible, and even the most refined have a hard time poo-pooing them as nonsense.

Other people’s superstitions are bewildering, while yours are ‘valid’. I have an acquaintance who went into hysterics when I stepped over him while he was sleeping on the ground. Apparently  this brings horrible consequences.  I have no anxiety  towards black cats, spilled salt, or stepping on cracks. Yet the 5 Coins card in a Tarot reading gives me the heebie-geebies.
Here’ a few of mine….

Despite the effort, I stop to pick up any pennies I happen to spot on the floor. “See a penny pick it up and all the day you have good luck”.  I suspect if I don’t something bad will happen.

I don’t like to waste water. If there is any liquid left over it must be released on to the ground or down a drain, not trapped in bottles in rubbish bins.

I drink scotch and bourbon as a preventative of toothache.*

The last word spoken /the first word spoken of the new year must be “Rabbit”. I learned this in my youth off a calendar ‘for good luck’. In contrast, Someone has to make and eat black-eyed peas.

I don’t smoke more than one cigar at a time**

Given some coincidence of playing some tunes on days that turned out badly, I have some songs I avoid playing before noon, lest they jinx the day.


I am curious to hear from Spo-fans if they have any quirky superstitions and what would happen if they are not honored.  Do tell.


*I have never had the toothache, and I don’t ever intend on having it. 

**I am very good with this one; it has prevented all sorts of great calamities I am certain.