The title is not accurate; I am still at the ‘thinking about it ‘ stage !

For some time I’ve fancied making beer. Brother #3 used to make his own. I recall it was rather tasty and the process looked fun. In college my microbiology partner, a fellow from England, made a dark and tasty brew. It was my first time drinking beer. Thanks to him I still prefer my beer dark and strong – like my men.

Besides the pride of making homemade goodies (suffer, Martha!) I get to design my own labels.  Here are some preliminary names:

Harper’s Hooch

Spo Stout

Scorched Cats


No Rubbish

I certainly don’t “need” another hobby. One hobby tends to steal time from another. My life is strewn with hobbies and past times I have started only to lose interest, wander off, and loose orbit. Someone fears I get get into beer making I will make a mess of the kitchen and the house will smell like a still.

All the same, I want to try this.   My usual mode is to read up on the subject first, then get the necessary armamentaria , and have at it.  Perhaps I can make little aloha style shirts for the bottles, like those sometimes seen adorning bottles of wine.

I would be delighted to hear from Spo-fans if you have ever made beer.