Tequila-posters1Someone and I are off to Puerto Vallarta. Normally we go to Key West for our winter holiday but this year our travel-chums wanted a change. My proposal to go to Vancouver was outvoted. Stirges.  So it’s hohoho and off we go to Mexico.

I confess I am rather dubious about this trip.  I failed with my goal to learn Spanish.*  I have fears of being fleeced and/or kidnapped. Getting from the airport to the B&B particularly unsettles me, being surrounded by people wishing to sell me timeshares or (worse) want to drive me to the hotel and then hold me hostage until I pay up or put out.

Last time I went south of the border (Costa Rica) I became deathly ill for three miserable weeks. I lost 30lb. I dread getting sick again.

I don’t think I’ve had such dread about going on a holiday

But local friends (who go there every year) assure me it is perfectly safe and not once they have been ill.

Other than survival I don’t have any plans. I will be content with a cozy B&B (with clean water), some thumping good reads, a cryptic crossword puzzle or two, and several shots of tequila – hopefully served by some nice young hombre.

My access to blogs may be limited for a week; I will try to post when I can !

* I have learned a few charming if useless expressions, my favorite being “Aviso!  Kanguros!”   I plan to say this whenever I can.