Video Snapshot

Greetings from PV !

Not to be worrying – we arrived safe and sound to Puerto Vallarta. Although we were bombarded at the airport by hombres wanting to sell us timeshares we managed to escape and get to our resort safe and sound.

We are staying at Villa David, which is as delightful as we were told it would be. There is even a sun deck with a fabulous view of the bay, very good for a sunset or for playing “Tosca” although we were told not to do this as the three floor plummet into the pool might chip the plaster.


My worry about my disappointing Spanish is for naught for it is surprisingly not much spoken here. Only once or twice I’ve been approached by an aggressive street salesman wanting me to buy some sort of unnecessary plastic object. I’ve found responding in German turns them away without fuss. Merkwurdig.

Actually there is not much to report, other than sitting, reading, gossiping, and sunbathing (excellent for Vitamin D deficiencies). I try to avoid the water and the ice but it is just not humanly possible.  For prophylaxis sake, I make I douse everything with Cazadores Tequila (no basura).


As soon as my phone charges I plan to take some photos.

Aviso, Vacas!