Tres Guapitos 

Sitting around hobnobbing with my fellow B&B guests the topic of retirement keeps arising. Most of the guests are ‘working girls over fifty’ as the expression goes so the matter is apropos.  Some make semi-serious statements to retire here. Others have half-baked plans to relocate to some desirable location (Palm Springs seems to be the favorite).  There are some maudlin murmurs about ‘never retiring’.  DougT of Gossamer Tapestry and Leon AKA The Wild One seem to be settling down on one or two choices.

I don’t think about retirement. There are a variety of reasons for this. The main reason is because I content what I do. However there is a lot of necessity to keep on working. If you should ask me “If you had the means, would you retire now?”  The answer is ‘Heck, yes!”  Presently I don’t have the means (worse luck) and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. Another part of me is pretty sure I won’t live long enough to see retirement (I have too many risk factors). Even if I should dodge a heart attack or stroke, no doubt the North Koreans will blow us up ending civilization and my life savings. Skunks.

This insouciant approach is not shared by my investment broker who keeps dropping hints I need to put out monthly monies even a small amount.

Well enough of this; I am on holiday and definitely living in The Present.  Today we take the local bus to the Botanical Gardens to see the sights and watch Doug chase butterflies. I am already developing a reddened forehead so I must be more careful with the sunscreen.

Video Snapshot

  At least I have the satisfaction it matches my eyes