This jolly good fun MEME is floating around and as usual I am late to the party; I may be one of the last to do it, which probably means my crack at it won’t be too much fun for reading. I didn’t read the rules too well. I think I am to list things I have never done, and see if others have or haven’t done them too.

eiffel-tower-day1. Seen Paris.

2. Performed an abortion.

3. Cooked a turkey.

4. Fought/yelled at my parents.

5. Ate a mangosteen.     whole-and-cut-mangosteen

6. Seen a professional football game.

7. Drank a “Growth” Bordeaux wine, fifth through first.


8. Smoked marijuana.

9. Seen a USA President in person.

10. Won the good conduct prize at school.

11. Owned anything with real gold in it.

12. Read “War and Peace”.

13. Successfully operated the Home Entertainment System without Someone to tell me what to do.

14. Worn high heels.  Derek2-heels

15. Whistle.