“S” is for Saturday and Shopping. On Saturday we get those items Someone didn’t purchase during the week, or things I want to be a part of the buying process.

Today we went to Total Wine, for The Lovely Neighbor gave Someone a 100$ gift certificate for minding her mail while she was away visiting family in Virginia.  We had 8AM breakfast at the nearby cafe, and then off to the liquor store. We felt a bit odd, buying booze at 9AM.  We figured we would be the only ones there. To our surprise the store was fairly crowded, not with dipsomaniacs but with snowbirds and what I took for “Jack Mormons” who were trying to sneak in and out before they were spotted.

Having one hundred dollars to spend in a liquor store is befuddling. Does one stock up on the oh-so-practical things or does one buy that special something never bought due to the extravagance?  Before leaving the house Someone held an inspection of the contents of booze shelf and made a list of ‘Things we are out of’. Into our shopping cart went some stables – Sapphire Gin, Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum, and Southern Comfort (his favorite).

There was just enough money left to buy ‘one nice item’. I decided upon a bottle of twelve year old Glenfiddich, which is a single malt Scotch.  My boyfriend “Ralfy” says it is very good. There is a political point as well: according to Ralfy, Mr. Trump tried to bully his way into Scotland. When a  Scotsman resisted, Mr. Trump apparently declared the company with Glenfiddich should be boycotted. Not being a fan of Mr. Trump, this was the tipping point to getting some.

Our liquor cabinet now has the curious problem there isn’t enough room for all the bottles. This isn’t as bad as it sounds. The shelf is a small area full up with large bottles, most of them with residual amounts in each. I thought of pouring all the whisky bits into one ‘garbage bottle’, and repeating this with the 4-5 bottles of vodka which also hold only an inch of booze. Someone finds this silly. His proposal: finish the things off in a sort of food-push.  He is always the more sensible one.

So come by tomorrow for our austere but liquid Oscar party and help us with our crisis.  Harper finds it puzzling to see unopened booze bottles on her food and treat shelf.