Walking the dog

I am back doing the early morning dog-walks. I got lazy last winter, when 5:30AM felt too dark and too cold to get up. Harper is delighted of course, for she loves these morning walks. She pulls me down the sidewalk as if in a hurry to get to where we are going, even though the destination is never planned. I suppose she merely likes the speed.

It is the time of year when the sun rises just about when we arrive at the park. While Harper is running around the meadow after bunnies, I apostrophize the dawn and give a silent thank you prayer the world is still here and I’ve been given another day.

I am behind in my lecture courses, so dog-walks would be a good time to turn one on and listen to one of them. But medical conferences don’t go well with glorious dawns.

When we return home Harper always wants a treat for breakfast. It dawned on my the other day perhaps this is why she is so eager to rush through these walks: there is a yummie when we get home. My yummie is a cup of tea for which I have similar longings.

Soon the sun will rise early and hot enough to discard the jacket and go out in short pants and a T-shirt. Until then we will enjoy watching the Pisces sunrise and think doggie-thoughts of spring and chasing rabbits and coming home to Someone.