Alas, I’ve not had any time to blog. A triple whammy came together this week < evening engagements, work load, and an out of town guest came togetherr to deprive me of blogging time. Alas, indeed.  This evening we took our visiting friend out for dinner and drinks. Blogging and drinkking dont’ go together.  I thought perhaps it prudent not to blog after 2 cocktails, and sometequlia** but then I thought a) it’s ben ages sinceI blog and b) i get rawhter tired of being agood boy and what the hell time to blog. I am surre to be horrified in the morning but sometimes it is good to stand up to the yoke of custom and convention.  So if you are outraged or scandlaoused you can either beg my pardon or pizzzzzz off.

Wednesday I saw a splendid production of “Rigoletto”  set in Lost Vegas in 1960. It was rwather unusual. Thursday  night we heard the Dvork symphony #7.  Tonight we had a splendid supper and two cocktails and some getqulia**  It was pouring down rain here today which I found cozy and splendid but made every one else cranky and moody.  I need to catch up with blog-land this weekend probably all sorts of things happened when I was away which is foten the case us B-girls worksolo and I am chaneling James Joyce or tequlia or both if they aren ot really the same thing but I do think of loveandt time past and then I asked him (Someone) again yes and then he ake me owud I yes to say yeas to say yeas my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and he told me go to sleep your’e drunk so there is no drawing him down to me so he could feel my chest all perfume no and his heart was certainly NOT going like mad and while I thought yes he said no you are drunk I have a headache and my heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes but not tognight.

**Really good tequlia no rubbish.