I’ve had a “Manic Monday” – literally. It seems most of my patients today were in a state of hypomania or more, high as kites and as active as energizer bunnies. A mob of manics is exhausting. It’s a challenge to treat, for I am basically asking someone in a state of euphoria to take medications to come down from the sky and feel listless like the rest of us.  I dare say it’s the spring time.

In my own spring awakening I am hardly manic, but I am excited, for in a few days time I fly to Delaware. This weekend I will meet two dozen bloggers, some ‘old friends’ and some I don’t know yet.  I am thrilled either way. I just hope I don’t faint from excitement.  I’ve been nervous about arranging things but Ron and Cubby tell me I basically just have to show up and I’ll be taken around for touring prior to Saturday’s Walpurgisnacht.  It will be a ‘gossip’s feast’ quoting Shakespeare’s “A Comedy of Errors”. Since many attendees are sure to blog about the dinner  – who said and did what – Spo-fans and absent bloggers can sort it all out in the postings. Like “Roshoman”.

It is only a weekend, but I plan to bring several shirts to change often and show off. Of course, I have to have something new, lest there be talk.

A week ago I posted some shirts in progress. The ‘yellow retro’ got the most raves, so I finished it just in the nick of time to make its debut in Delaware:



Someone is my personal Heidi Klum. He tells me I made the shirt too big again. But I like my shirts big, loud and loose, like my men.  In it I feel just nifty and ready to BBQ and vote for Eisenhower.