packingThe packing of luggage is a difficult matter, it isn’t just one of your holiday games.  I am not a quick impromptu type of packer; these things must be done delicately! By going through a fixed ritual I am less apt to forget anything.

I first pack my medication: blood pressure tablets, cholesterol pills (very nasty) and what vitamins and minerals are in vogue. I then pack the dopp-kit * with my razor, toothbrush, floss etc. including some objects I shan’t describe lest my family is reading this.  The carry-on bag is next <  laptop computer, journal, reading materials, and wallet/phone/spectacles.   Finally the clothes are fetched and folded. This is a good time to add I tend to overpack. There are always a few extra items of socks and undergarments.  For this weekend I have far more shirts than are necessary, for I plan to change outfits more often than Eva Gabor in “Queen from Outer Space”.

More often than not I pack Jerrold Bear, who wears his own little Spo-shirt.


I always bring a backscratcher, which is one of mankind’s best inventions.

I usually back teabags if I think I am going into ‘coffee territory’ where all they have is Lipton if they have any tea at all. Out of whimsy I may even bring a baby bottle of booze lest there is this crisis we are in some forsaken place like a Motel 6 or Best Western or Utah which has no proper whiskey.

So all** is packed for Delaware.  I remembered to pack a coat (ugh) for it looks like inclement weather (viz. less than 80 degrees – brrrr!)

*Or my ‘Sponge bag” as Raybeard might call it.

**Some things are going to be left behind: swim suit, sunglasses, cha-cha heels, and my leather.