Every morning when I wake up I am slightly surprised I have done so. As a boy I marveled at sleep, and I was not at all assured by the guarantee I will always come out of it. After all, as I grow older, there is less of a chance.
The next step upon wakening is to think or utter a small prayer of thanksgiving I have been given another day. It helps me keep a perspective of “Life as a gift”.  The day’s quality can be greatly influenced by my approach.
Somewhere between surprise and gratitude is disorientation: I look around me and realize where I am  and with whom. Spo-fans with rank minds may titter, so let me explain.  Someone often wakes early and goes to the family room to crash on the couch.  I will wake and turn over to wish him good morning only to discover an empty space. Sometimes Harper is there; sometimes she goes with Someone and I wake alone.
Other times I wake seeing neither Someone nor Harper but the blue walls of the guest room. When I can’t sleep – or when Harper is being a bed-pig – I go spread out in the guest room like a windmill.  I wake in the night and return to the master bedroom or I might just stay there and forget I did this.
After waking I often lie in bed (regardless of location) and ponder cosmic issues or merely rehearse what the day has in stall. There is a childish fantasy of staying put/calling in sick/and being a bum but then my inner-Adult takes over and I get up. Besides, I haven’t ‘stayed put’ in ages; I am far too restless fidgety to stay in bed let alone all day.
It’s a sad but true statement I sleep with the iPhone. I might be paged in the night (seldom) or having used it to hear some sort of bedtime story or lecture (often).  I like to check right away for weather, e-mail (I love waking up to blogging comments), or blatant headlines suggesting I need’nt bother getting up after all.
This brings me to the painful subject of how to wake up.  Nasty alarm clocks with their sudden shrills and clock radios announcing dreadful news are horrible means to regain consciousness.  When I use an alarm, I use my intrepid iphone.  It plays one of my favorite tunes  – “Life Song” by Mason Williams.  It is less than 30 seconds long but the lyrics are lovely:
Isn’t life beautiful?
Isn’t life gay?
Isn’t life the perfect thing
to pass the time away?