I had a brilliant idea for a blog entry then Someone let out a slight shriek upon encountering a yellow scorpion in the kitchen knife drawer. That’s the second one this week. The bastards don’t squish readily. It was rawther unsettling.  Now I can’t remember the idea.  Novel Items don’t stay too long in my head anymore.  My 50 year old brain is like an attic with limited space: if I try to put something in, something old gets pushed out. Worse: what stays in regardless are ancient and useless. I can remember poems from my youth and the moons of Jupiter (neither come up regularly in conversation) but I can’t remember when I last changed the filter on the hot tub.

I made an appointment with the dentist today. The scheduler told me the first available appointment with “Nichole” was in three weeks. Who the hell is Nichole? It turns out this is the name of the dental hygienist who usually cleans my teeth. A cheerful young lady, she likes to tell me all her news as if I cared.**  I explained to the office manager I am certain all the hygienists are good and I wanted to be seen ASAP, preferably first thing on Tuesday or Thursday morning.  She made the appointment but sounded dismayed I didn’t view consistency of care with my “personal dental hygienist” asmore valuable than quick service.  I didn’t let on after years of going there I can never remember Nichole’s name.

What I need more than a teeth cleaning is some sort of ‘mental floss’. I don’t know of any medication or herb useful for cleaning out the air filters of my mind.  More’s the pity.  At least my teeth will be cleaner, provided I don’t forget the appointment date.


**Worse, she does this while I am trapped in a chair with my mouth open.