The work week (which is still going, alas!) left me no time to write or read blogs. I hope to catch up soon.

Meanwhile here’s a tidbit. Just don’t tell Harper ! 


Walking the dog


The vet says Harper is overweight and she must lose four pounds, so on early mornings (and most nights too) we go for a walk. Both of us – Spo and dog – need to stop the nickel and dime treats and get more exercise. I don’t know what others got out of the blogger convention videos but what I saw was I am in sore need (once again) to flatten my stomach. So we both hope to benefit through doggy-walks. Happily, the temperatures and morning light make getting up early for a walk easier to do.


Harper likes “Stop and Sniff” while I want to ‘keep going’ at a brisk pace, or we will never shed our pounds. Going to the park reverses the efficacy. Harper gets to run run run off her leash (if no one is watching) while I tend to stand still, peering into the iphone.


Harper has me trained to give her table scraps. She’s in the bewildered phase of why I am no longer putting out. I sense it’s a matter of time before she starts giving me forlorn looks the types normally seen on rescue animals in TV commercials. It’s her most barbarous weapon.


If she’s upset over the parsimony of treats she seems happy about the dog walks. She’s now waking me with noises of anticipation “Are we going or not?” She recognizes the expression “You wanna go for a walk?” which instantly pricks up her ears and excitement level.
So wish us luck.  Our goal is one walk a day at minimum, two is best.  Her weight loss goal < 4lb.  Mine? < 10lb.

Is there are show for “The Biggest Loser” for man and dog?