Yesterday’s nasty winds cooled everything down to the point I had to close the windows and get out the terry cloth robe which was put away for the year. The temperature combined with the clouds tricked my cingulate into believing it was autumn and I’ve gone into a funk. All day long I encountered people acting either foolish or childish. I do hope it warms and clears up soon and we go back to April like temperature (90s).  I don’t think this will make people anymore wise and mature, but at least I won’t feel like knocking heads together.

America’s inability to solve its problems (or at least discuss them civilly) is frustrating enough, but it is trumped by its insularity to consider other countries’ solutions. In Medicine if you have a difficult case you get a consultation with a colleague. America won’t even admit others may have already worked out solutions to the problems of health care, gun laws, gay marriage etc. Or if we admit such, it is only to dismiss them.  We take everything so seriously, except the views of others.

mccarthys-single-malt-oregon-whiskey1There was a ray of sunshine through all this political and meteorological turmoil.  My friend Rodger managed to find a rare bottle of Portland distilled whisky I’ve coveted for a year. The dear plans to wrap it well and put it in the post for me. What a splendid find.

It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve read blogs. I’ve been falling asleep at 9PM so there hasn’t been time to visit my regulars. I daresay this is another consequence of this unseasonably cold weather. I do hope all is well in blog-land.  I hope I will have enough stamina to stay up tomorrow long enough to go a-visiting.

Until then, sleep well my duckies.